Pure Creative Arts was set up in 2003 by Tamsin Evans, as a result of a clear vision she had to work with girls and young women on the topics of self-esteem, identity and their surrounding issues, in the hope of seeing them set free from the things holding them back. The work has since grown to also include an increasing involvement with boys and young men, who are faced with the same issues but often have even fewer opportunities to talk about them.

Pure outworks this vision in a number of creative ways, through music, theatre and educational workshops, as well as ongoing mentoring services, to provide an environment where young people can be challenged and encouraged to review how they see themselves and their relationships, as well as identify any negative influences on their lives.

Teenagers are bombarded every day with messages from the media, telling them they should fit an often impossible standard of looks, fashion, relationships, talents and financial status. Girls who haven’t even reached puberty are going on diets or even developing eating disorders so that they conform to this pressure, the number of teenage pregnancies is steadily rising and drug or alcohol overdoses in young people are also increasing.

We believe a lot of the “issues” that teenagers are suffering from could be avoided by giving both a safe platform for discussion and examples of positive role models who show that they can be proud of who they are as an individual and a young man or woman of promise. Through our performances, workshops and Impact groups we give young people the opportunity to talk about the pressures in their lives and show them that they can make positive choices towards stronger futures.