Pure Freedom tackles issues of disordered eating and self harming behaviours through creative therapy sessions and peer mentorship over a twelve week period.

The course has been put together by members of our Health Team, whose expertise range from nursing experience to degrees in psychology, as well as a keen interest in exploring creative techniques to help young people process painful emotions in a more positive way.

The course has been run on two occasions, working with a small group of girls each time, but it can also be run with boys. One of the girls who went through the first edition of the course shared the following:

“Pure Freedom was so useful and so needed at the time I did it. It’s helped me to see that even with flaws and imperfections, I’m still accepted, loved and valued as who I’ve been made me to be.”  Pure Freedom participant.

We have recently secured some funding to run a new Pure Freedom course in the coming months, so if you know anyone who would benefit from being a part of the course, or just have further questions, then please get in touch at info@purecreativearts.co.uk or call: 0787 426 8682.