If you’re an organisation that shares a similar work or vision to Pure, or if you’d want to run the Courageous course multiple times, it may be that licensing the course as a partner organisation may be the most productive way of taking it on.

This would involve a one year or three year licensing fee, which would include not only the permission to run the course, but also training days for your mentors, all course materials, and ongoing communication once you begin running the course.

Our first partner organisation, Wirral YfC, have enjoyed a productive relationship with the course in their first year, and will be continuing to take Courageous into schools throughout the next academic year.


Further information on the course framework is available here:   Courageous Course Information


To get in touch to discuss whether licensing the course would be suitable for you, contact us at info@purecreativearts.co.uk or by telephone on 0787 426 8682.