Pure Creative Arts is looking for Actors

Pure Creative Arts is currently casting a 1 Act rap-pop musical, The Rating Game, to tour in late 2017. We need male actors who can sing, dance and rap. (could we add a link to the listing on pro casting here?) If this is you, we would love to hear from you!

This is a fantastic opportunity to work closely with our production team in NYC, where our Performance Director and choreographer ‘Tanya Birl’ is investing her years of experience performing in and choreographing for Broadway productions in this production that we are touring in the US and UK.

‘In the midst of a fledgling romance that begins on their daily commute to school on the underground, Cate and Xavier find themselves flung into a rating game where the guys grade the girls out of 10. The rating provokes questions in each character which make them delve into the perception of perfection. What does it mean to be face to face with our true selves? “Will he still like me?”, “Will she still want me?”, “Will I even like who I am?” We are able to dive into the minds and hearts of these characters and process alongside them. All of these questions are addressed using an innovative blend of spoken word, rap, song, dance and film. In the midst of the game, the underground carriage that they are in comes under a security threat, locking the passengers between platforms. This new twist puts the whole game into a different perspective, forcing each character to truly look at themselves and their identity. Will they cling to a life of seeming control or is it worth the adventure of discovering their true selves?’

Through this production, we tackle the complex issues that young people face with the truth that they were created with a unique purpose to fulfil. The production provokes, questions and presents opportunities for creative problem solving and is followed by an interactive workshop that guides the audience through open and honest discussion of the topics addressed.

Founded in Liverpool, Pure Creative Arts is run in New York and the UK by Tamsin Evans, a LIPA Performing Arts Graduate. Also part of the executive team is Peter Van Neste also a LIPA graduate, who went on to set up audio visual hire company Stagetex, which he has now sold and is working as Pure’s Business Development Director.

The organisation began with a vision to work with girls and young women on topics of self-esteem, identity and their surrounding issues. The work has since grown internationally and to include an increasing involvement with boys and young men, who are faced with the same issues but often have even fewer opportunities to talk about them.

Tamsin is passionate about seeing others embrace their unique identity and pursue their passion and purpose. She is the author of Take Your Place (2015), a frequent speaker at conferences and events, and a writer and director of numerous productions.

Originally from York, UK, she now lives in New York with her husband and their two children.

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